Dressy Suits For Women: At Church, Work And More

Women are playing prominent roles in industry, from board rooms to gala events, finding the right dressy suits for women is the challenge, simply because  many designers today are catering to the more casual crowd. A dressy suit is one item that should be among the staples in any woman’s wardrobe. They can be just the ticket if you need to go to a function in a pinch and casual dress just won’t do.

For African American women the concept of the dressy suit has gone to a whole other level. Thy come out to church functions in designer suits that rival the glitz and glamour of the “Red Carpet” in Hollywood. Wearing of the Sunday’s best has its roots in the institution of slavery in the USA. It was then that the owners let the blacks dress nicely and have a version of a church service.

The dressy suits came into fashion because as the years went on to not only show respect for the services but also to show social standing. The blacks that worked the fields had a very different caliber of clothing from those who worked in the homes and this was a way of class distinction in the black community. It still is in a lot of ways. The dressy suits get more elaborate with the social standing of the church member.

Church dressy suits are made form lots of different materials but they all adhere to a few basic guidelines. The hem has to be what is considered modest and so does the neckline. For many today these dressy suits are a bit too conservative but there is still a huge segment of the church going African American community that would not be caught dead in a church in less than their best.

The dressy suit is never complete on an African American matron without its complimentary hat. This is the crowning glory of the church ensemble. They were hats that compliment their dressy suits, some small and some that border on the outrageous but all to glorify and testify to the great blessings the they are there to serve has bestowed on them.

It is the apparel that adds to the solemness of any occasion and church is no different. There are dressy suits for all church occasions. Easter is one of the greatest times in a church goers life. It is a celebration of the reason for their great faith. You will see dressy suits in bright a vibrant colors matching the colors that you see on the colored eggs that are so popular at that time. They plan all year for this day and now these women are taking to the Internet to find dressy suits that will be a one of a kind in their communities. When African Americans go to church there is nothing at all casual about it.

Available at hatsandsuits.com

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